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Saturday, May 18, 2013

When security organizations get ruined by pseudo professionals as policy makers

India’s complete security apparatus(State/Central Police Organizations) are marred with unprofessionalism of policy makers, so whether, it is MHA where some IAS BABUS take decisions on behalf of Home Minister or Positions of DGs/SPL.DGs/ADDL.DGs/IGs/DIGs/SSPs/SPs(Comdts/Dy.Comdts) who take day today and long term policy decisions on behalf of complete organizations, these people come from diverse backgrounds with vast experiences of pushing files in different departments or acting as PRO, holding press conferences over the work of field units, or Supervisory ceremonial head where they have been all along working as Administrative and disciplinary authorities and running the administration of various organizations but rarely with relevant field experience of working with the human element into field units of these security organizations and outcome is recipe for disaster for which heavy price is paid by none other than constabulary and front line officers and common man who may fall victims to violence and crime where death remains a bullet away.
Leadership Positions into these security organizations, call for such professionals occupying these positions who have been transformed into professionals through rich field experience that has no substitute on the limitations and challenges of capabilities of human element  and available material resources based on training and varied operational experience of the units and the manpower of these organizations.
All The supervisory positions are being treated as a pie of which everyone wants a bigger share with longest service tenure but when it comes to working at frontline to accumulate the relevant field experience, it is seen as endangering the existence of very species that are responsible for the current mess. The protagonist of Police Reforms In India who moved Supreme Court and had all the perseverance to demand fixed tenure based on seniority, never  asked these people being tested for their professional capabilities to lead these organizations to face the future challenges.
As a public policy advocacy organization “Nishan” is going to take up the issue with HM and Parliamentary standing committee to ensure that people being inducted into security organizations in leadership positions, starting from SSP to DGP should have relevant operational  experience of having physically performed with field units and they shall be tested on their being in touch  with the latest security developments in field working conditions ,lest they live in fools paradise of experience accumulated 25-35  years back.
Unless a person has remain involved in operation work with human element on ground and practically participated in the implementation of  strategic policies and conversant  with its outcomes and capable of visualizing organizational policies to make it performance oriented, one should not be inducted or promoted to supervisory administrative leadership positions of police forces in the country.
The contenders for these leadership positions shall be tested to demonstrate their abilities, skills, experiences and professional knowledge for the role they are going to play by assuming these positons. They may be tested by a board of officers consisting of organizational officers and independent experts with specialization in the fields of operations, management, financial planning, human resource, media exercise, decision making to various operational scenarios and operational mobilization plans to meet various contemporary situations on current issues.
Contenders for these positions shall be made to undergo selection exercises without any orderlies to handle laptops and make power points on their behalf.
Recently I visited J&K and found that DGP comes from Andhra Pradesh Cadre and leading as specialist for this volatile state, can he lead the force with his seniority of Babudom in IB or experience of AP. He can only work as Press officer issuing statements to media in English or Telgu, hence we preferred to meet an officer whom locals trusted and he was not DGP but IGP.