In India 100 is synonymous with the Police but the irony is that public in India dread this very word, Its very presence must inspire confidence but it is contrary,In 1950 Justice AN Mullah called police as the "biggest organized goonda(goon)Force,Call100 is journey to empower citizens against the abuse power and corruption of Police.Indian Policing System has the exceptional assured career progression scheme for the criminal elements in Khaki uniform & we need to overhaul it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Exercise White Wash -hang the humanity

Apropos of Arundhati Roy's article who needs Reality TV?.Hindustan times(Dec 23)
Such a biased coverage of the issue has certainly played a very major role in jeopardiging the fair trial which is evident from This very famous statement "The incident, which resulted in heavy casualities,has shaken the entire nation,and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if capital punishment is awarded to the offender" and substantiates the very successful failure of only one agency and that is Police.
Neither this strong Nation of Gandhi nor its courts were probably shaken by the casualities of 1984 or the Gujarat Carnage.The brutal killings of 18 BSF soldiers and their dead bodies hung like animal carcasses while being brought to India could not jolt the conscience of this brave nation,Yes ! those killed were lesser humans.
This selective screening of the recordings by the media only furthers the objective and ethos of cookedup results by police to become more improfessional and promote the corruption and brutality in the police organization that hardly inspires confidence of the common man.It seems that the rat race of commercialisation(TRP RATINGS) has taken its toll on the very responsible TV Channels,the principles of freedom of speech doesn't entitle you to subvert the innocent minds of the public and spread venom.

Monday, February 05, 2007

fake Encounters-patronage of Immune Police Service

I am ardent disciple of Inspector Mata Deen whose value system and professionalism is deeply ingrained in the officers of Indian Police,irrespective of the state,police culture of helping and protecting the corrupt fraterninty by shielding them from accountability for malpractices and corruption shows their unflinching loyality to the principles of material gains and rare mix of camaraderie.
Inspector Surender Sharma was the IO of Jessica case and with high degree of professionalism he succedded in destroying the whole case but the Heavy weight Police commissioner was so helplessly pitted against this mighty SHO that the complete supervisory chain of officers could not monitor the act of sabotage.The present incumbent was associated with the case in supervisory capacity but the harsh discipline did not allow him to vantilate his disapproval of what was being done .on public out cry the exercise of white wash started and the IO was suspended after due promotion to the rank of ACP.It was reward in recognition to the loyality and also compensation for the impending suspension orders.No doubt we have the brightest Police leadership that doesn't spare its officers on the question of accountability.
Encounter takes place in the area of Timarpur Police Station killing two youths in cold blood and the area DCP claims of encounter on inputs from informers and boasts of the achievement on camera but on public out cry very prompt action is taken by dissmissing the executioners of encounter by interpreting it as personal enemity case but the GOD Father of Mario Puzo enjoys the immunity and will continue unabated with complete freedom of nurturing more Dayanayaks and Heavy weight Encounter Specialists.No doubt Police officers are not less then GOD Almighty,when such cold blooded murders(Encounters of Delhi Police) take place only the God is witness or the police themselves and one can't question the acts of GOD.
I feel like congratulating the team that succeeded in apprehending the four dreaded Jaish-e- mohammad terrorists alive after the exchange of fire.I have my complete trust that had the Abdul Rehman Padroo not sacrificed his life,these four alleged terrorists also would have been killied in the fierece encounter which they survived. Had Hans raj Parihar SSP of J&K Police not been arrested yesterday for fake encounter of Padroo and other innocents,The Heavy weight police officers of ilks of Dayanayak wouldn't have taken the trouble of alleged capture of the trained Jaish terrorists.The followers of Inspector Mata Deen need a pat on their thick back for following professionalism.