In India 100 is synonymous with the Police but the irony is that public in India dread this very word, Its very presence must inspire confidence but it is contrary,In 1950 Justice AN Mullah called police as the "biggest organized goonda(goon)Force,Call100 is journey to empower citizens against the abuse power and corruption of Police.Indian Policing System has the exceptional assured career progression scheme for the criminal elements in Khaki uniform & we need to overhaul it.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

IPS Private limited- R&AW India's top intelligence agency

NEW DELHI: Even as the country battles an unprecedented wave of terror, the Research & Analysis Wing, the country's prime counter-intelligence agency, has sunk to a new low in terms of corruption, nepotism, and misuse of its vast secret funds. Officials in the agency, far from helping the country fight its enemies outside, are busy fighting among themselves, further eroding its competence.At the centre of the rot is R&AW chief Ashok Chaturvedi, who is seen by many agency insiders as building his own coterie at the cost of its overall objectives. There is a subterranean battle for supremacy going on between officers of R&AW and those deputed to the agency from the Indian Police Service (IPS). According to a DNA investigation, within days of taking over as R&AW chief, Chaturvedi ordered the agency to hire his own private flat in Noida, on Delhi's outskirts, as a safe house. Over the years, R&AW has used an internal order to hire its own employees' houses for official use, after carrying out expensive renovations. A former R&AW chief's house in South Delhi and a Jammu house belonging to an employee who is part of Chaturvedi's inner circle are now R&AW safe houses using this logic. Another bungalow belonging to Chaturvedi, again in Noida, is presently under renovation with the agency's assistance. It is protected by R&AW personnel. As R&AW chief, Chaturvedi has almost autonomous control of over the agency's annual budget of over Rs1,000 crore.Sources spoken to by DNA said that R&AW may also have provided financial assistance to Chaturvedi's son based in Europe from discretionary funds meant for intelligence operations, but no documentary evidence on this was available. However, other sources confirmed this allegationThe decay at the agency is best symbolised by how a lower-level functionary, JC Kapoor, Chaturvedi's personal secretary, has managed to get his daughters into the agency without a whimper of protest. All of Kapoor's four daughters are employed with R&AW, and two of them — Simple and Dimple — are reportedly waiting for foreign postings after brief spells in Punjab to fulfill the "field" posting requirement. R&AW officials have to do field work before they get posted abroad.The eldest daughter, Soni Shukla, is in Delhi doing a foreign language course, possibly in expectations of another foreign posting. The youngest of the siblings joined the Aviation Research Centre in Delhi some time ago. Chaturvedi's detractors also talk of the R&AW chief's house being staffed by over two dozen agency personnel. Among them: staff to look after his dogs, two cooks, almost half a dozen telephone operators and four gardeners. Perhaps symptomatic of Chaturvedi's priorities, on September 27 he was watching a movie when the Delhi blasts happened. There are no reports that the movie buff rushed to action on hearing about the attacks.Senior officials also complain that they no longer have direct access to him, and instead have to deal with his inner circle. The intra-agency feuding has been worsened by an open dogfight between IPS officers, who have come on deputation to R&AW, and officers of the directly-recruited Research & Analysis Service (RAS). It is an open secret that RAS has sometimes been used to recruit the relatives of powerful bureaucrats without any transparency. Many who got into RAS in a similar fashion are now in senior positions, further contributing to the open fight. The fierce infighting between the IPS and RAS lobbies has also resulted in some shocking instances of misuse of authority. Two different sources confirmed to DNA that an RAS officer, who was forced to quit the agency after Chaturvedi took over, had in the past been caught illegally tapping the telephones of senior IPS officers, including the then chief of the agency.During DNA's course of investigations, each lobby was hurling the worst allegations against the other. And it was clear that lack of cohesion at the highest levels of R&AW is an issue of national urgency that needs addressing.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Identify the real cuprits of Mumbai massacre

Since last few days I have been watching the anger of vigilant citizens of India on various TV channels. I really feel pity and concerned about the perception levels and the remedies being suggested and everybody abusing the politicians. I am not a fan of politicians at all but people need to understand that the biggest culprits are the people from police fraternity who head the complete security and intelligence apparatus of the country. Starting from the national security adviser of India Mr MK Narayanan who seems to be less of a security adviser and more of a astrologer who can predict about Batla house encounter needing no inquiry to extend the culpability of this cold blooded murder to whole country and shielding criminals in uniform. But he completely fails to gear up his intelligence apparatus to make predictions about the repercussions of such a crime and very successfully drives India into the biggest disaster of the century where almost 200 people died instantly with 300 injured seriously. People please wake up and call for the dismissal of The police chief of Maharashtra state and the police chief of Mumbai along with all those police officers who were responsible for the intelligence apparatus including the chief of intelligence bureau. People must immediately demand for their termination of services without any pension and benefits to send a strong signal that inefficiency and deriliction of duty will not be tolerated at all. If the leadership completely fails to prepare its own apparatus than it has to pay the price.The complete government at the centre including the Prime Minister and the chairperson of the UPA and Gujarat Chief minister should be tried by a court of law for having given silent approval to the extrajudicial killings of a particular community and shielding the accused police officers and generating discontent among a particular community and in turn prepare a complete breeding ground for these terror acts. And we must remember that all these terrorist acts are the ex-pressions of complete failure of us as a civic society. We need to be very careful of all those cheats in power who have always been deceiving the country and its people by blaming the neighbours and their support to such acts. First we need to address our own Indian community and put our own house in order. As long as inequalities, injustice and police attrocities will exist in the country, such desperate acts may keep taking place as an ex-pression of frustration, we have been facing this violence in complete northeast India, we faced it in Punjab, we are facing it in Kashmir. Placing of NSG in four major metropolitan cities cannot be a solution, such specialised forces can only provide symptomatic treatment for the time being. What is most important, media must stop eulogizing the cold blooded murders by police and we introduce stringent accountability measures in police departments and intelligence apparatus of the country. Community leaders and political leadership must come forward sans their immediate vested interests and work together to redress the grievances of simmering discontent in various communities.

People of this largest democracy must know that morale bankcruptcy breeds corruption and sets in cowardice in human character, If you expect the corrupt police leadership hailing from Immune Police Service to be brave and give you the solution to terrorist violence then it is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is called insanity and that's what people of india have been repeatedly doing. Jessica case and the heavy weight police commissioner responsible for providing leadership to delhi police that successfully destroyed the entire case to shield the culprits is rewarded with the job of writting the new police act and the IO of the case is placed under suspension after due promotion to the rank of ACP and later on High Court of Delhi is apprised that no one is to be blamed for the lapses in investigation. The successor to the hy. weight commissioner is rewarded with the chairmanship of UPSC.

We had Delhi massacre of 1984, 2002 gujarat pogrom, khairlanji, priyadrashini mattoo, Nithari, arushi case, Adobe India Chief's son's recovery and the police confrence proving its fallacy.Ansal plaza and now we graduate to Batla house but we have been shielding and promoting the criminals and all these criminal acts and injustices lead to expression of frustration of the young in shape of viloence and still this leadership doesn't feel ashamed and wants to continue misleading the country by distracting the attention to neighbours.

Please wake up and take all these real criminals to the gallows.