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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The truth about IPS

I can understand the feeling, rather I am going through the same anger and frustration. Why we are sitting duck and no one is there to help us? What our government is doing? Can rolling over heads is an option. Shivraj Patil has gone, Vilash Rao Deshmukh is gone, R.R.Patil is gone. As incompetent political masters they are paying the price. May be Congress will go after General election and we know that this is the end of career for many politicians. But what will happen to our incompetent, self serving bureaucracy. Nothing has happened to Madhukar Gupta, our Home Secretary, GOI ,who has no time except drinking after evening and waiting to be a governor after retirement. Intelligence Bureau Chief Sri Haldar who has only one agenda to extend his terminally ill career. Twice his service has been extended and again the same agenda is being persued. Similarly all IAS and IPS babus of secretariat are busy in their own agenda and have no time for people. Where will we go?
Unfortunately I am in a police job and as an insider I know where is the rot. Nobody will tell you because our survival is depending upon the whole lie started during the time of independence. But time has come when some one needs to tell you the truth about connivance of ruling political class and colonial bureaucracy.
We all know that Govt of India 1935 Act has given the taste of power to the Indian Political Class. They came into power in provinces as well as in federal government. Once the Second World War has started everyone knew that the time of British Colonial era is coming closer. This was the time the Colonial Bureaucracy has started being close to Indian Political Masters. This was the time when the number of Indians also joined bureaucracy at ICS and IP level and the hobnobbing with political masters had started. After independence we saw the result of this connivance. Our dear Prime Minister late Sri Jawahar Lal Nehru declared that he will continue with the same bureaucracy because if they serve so efficiently to the colonial master, they will serve with same enthusiasm to us. But that ‘us’ was only the political masters rather than the common people.
Interestingly by that time in Britain there was no service like ICS and IP. Everyone was starting at lowest level and depending on merit they were going up. Even today for police everyone is entering into Constabulary and rising in hierarchy by sheer hard work and merit. Not like us where simply by showing one time mugging and better educational background and examination skill, we enter into middle rang of bureaucracy with sole right to lead the rest. Take the case of IAS or IPS where we don’t have any specialized skills neither we develop one, but by virtue of our one time success in an examination, we develop a right to lead everyone. My frustration is more towards policing as I belong to uniform community. I don’t had aptitude nor hobby to be in Policing Job but I am here and I may lead whole police force one day because I am born in Police with Golden Spoon that is IPS. How it will happen is depending upon my hobnobbing and sycophancy skill and why because after Civil Service Examination it is my birth right.
Please see in detail the profile of senior officials and than one will realize that how these officers manipulated the system and reaches to the respective places. Mr.Hasan Gafoor a very nice person and decent police officer has spend most of his career out side actual policing and done many soft posting outside actual police work. Presently he is Commissioner, Mumbai Police. Sri J.K.Dutta, Director NSG, who is presently heading NSG is taking credit of a complete fiasco operation but for the exceptional bravery of poor down the line staff. His only specialization is correcting English to his juniors and cleanliness of highest order. Through out he is pen pusher but now heading the top most commando organization of the nation. Unfortunately he has no idea that Taj, Oberai or Nariman House could had been gassed to flush out terrorist. His whole idea was to firing and helicopter dropping in hostage scenario as in casual demo he has seen only these action which looks glamorous from outside. After reaching Mumbai on the day of the operation his only botheration was his own vehicle and place of stay. Our NSA was a top class IB officials but he even not bothered to close this mindless media exhibition of a national tragedy.
Leave beside individual cases like the fight for the post of Director General Police, Maharashtra, as a cadre we see the bitter fight between different cadres who are controlling our everyday life. IAS v/s IPS, IPS v/s CPOs, IAS v/s CSS. Central Services v/s All India Services. What we are doing? We are only divided functional government apparatus into various interest group. All these groups are fighting for their own interest of which some of them are genuine and some are not. Take the case of CPOs which includes the NSG and SPG. BSF, CRPF, ITBP, CISF,SSB ,Assam Police as well as Intelligence Bureau and CBI. All recruits officers directly but all of them led by IPS. 99% of officers have not served with these organizations at ground level but when they come they will come as leader of the force garnering all plum postings and privileges leaving beside the officers of the cadre as second class citizen of the organizations. Frankly I know that all these cadres have enough opportunity to grow and serve the nation to the fullest but to make some more than equal to others we have created a mess in these services whose vitality is essential at this juncture of our country.
This fact can only be seen if some one see the list of every year Police Medal lists respective place of postings. Every year from all CPOs, it is the IPS which are most medals. They come in these organizations for 4 to 7 years but they get all Police Medals during such a small time where as the cadre officers serving more than 30 years may not get chance to have one medal for him. You will be in CPOs and next year you are due to DGs Disc a medal. For Cadre people have retired after serving 35 years and no one even onec recognized their work. Here within a year time you do such a wonderful job you will be awarded with medals. In your parent state you are no body and you never be recommended for medals but if come to CPO you will definitely be awarded with President Police Medals. All IPS officers will get the posting of their choice because if one is coming to deputation to these organizations the choice of posting is their birth right. They keep all personnel matters with them so the CPOs cadre can be suppressed to the level of slavery. They twisted all cadre rules the benefit of deputationist. Once they come into deputation they are master of all subject and rest everyone will hear sermon from them as it comes from God’s mouth. I must clarify that I am not bracketing everyone in the same order. I know many of the IPS officers who are exceptionally committed, knowledgeable and contributed a lot, but most of them are not and we must get rid of them otherwise as the state police has gone to docks the CPOs will also suffer.
If one goes in detail about the cadre maneuvering one can see a classical betrayal by IPS to the CISF Cadre. From 1986 to 2000 in CISF the officer recruitment was through UPSC Civil Service (Like any other Group ‘A’ Allied Service), but once the IPS bosses at the top realizes that this lot will create problem for them and demands for parity they just move note and discontinue recruitment through UPSC sighting the reason unknown to everyone. They moved the same thing RPF because it was the only other force beside CISF where recruitment was done through UPSC Civil Service. Thankfully railways is one ministry where the say of IAS and IPS is minimum and hence in spite of all the effort of RPF Cadre was saved by Railway Board and Railways Minister. Check the case of RAW where people are coming on deputation simply because some or other support having no interest in actual work. Their only interest is how to monopolise organization by bringing their own people. Create more rift within all these organizations and make them dysfunctional. Intelligence Bureau is totally monopolized by IPS. No one knows where the actual cadre has gone. In CBI Government has created entry from UPSC Civil Services Examination. Immediately to perceive the threat from these cadres it was discontinued. These are classical case of marginlization or killing of specific cadres to protect the interest of IPS.
In recent time go through the details of 6th CPC deliberations. In spite of every claim of forces to make them organized cadre, the IPS lobby along with IAS thwarted this claim. Rather the accepted proposals of removing DIGs from CPOs are rotting with Dy.Sec/MHA and Joint Sec/MHA because these lobbies are only looking for their interests. None of them are interested in going back to their respective cadre and strengthening the local police which is in shambles. For them now only focus is how to grab more posts in newly proposed Federal security Agency.
Please I beg you Home Minister the time has come for Political Class to deal these things harshly and genuinely. Otherwise you will be doomed. Sadly the actual responsible persons the babus will continue unless you make them directly responsible. Perform or perish should not be only with political masters rather than it should be to bureaucracy. Ask theses thick skinned buggers to quite you want to survive and replace them with genuine performer. Make every one accountable for their work. Otherwise next time these babus will make political class to be lynched on the road because you are the face of the government. Rests are anonymous leech.
Internal Security is key to any good governance. The difference between Nigeria and Somalia and us is of course economics but for ordinary citizen its fear of security. Don’t allow to drift us like Iraq or Pakistan. As a finance minister you can push the economic growth, but here the question is human life and national prestige. Act fast and quickly. Your harsh decision will be backed by nation, your softness will be betrayed of this faith. Please see your deputation policy. It is most of the time that incompetent or failed officers comes on deputation. If he is good police officer, no state will allow them to go out. I know officers like S.S.Chaturvedi from Cadre like Tripura not allowed by CM himself because CM knows that he is rare officer who is committed to local policing. You must know that you are sitting among incompetent once rather than brighter once. Don’t follow their dictate and advice. You need to travel on a different path.
I don’t consider myself competent enough to advice. My I am just giving some suggestions which come from different walk of life.
1. Please separate intelligence gathering, investigation and general policing. 2. Remove cadre system for police. May be people can be recruited at different levels but they must be part of one joint police force. As it is with Army or different CPOs. If you continue with cadre in local policing you are only killing the official talent at lower level. Right now the personnel does not have faith on these cadres because during all pay commissions they saw the fight for IPS cadre rather whole police force. Everyone knows that in pay commission army/navy/air force was forcing for their dues as one entity where as for CPOs and lower police hierarchy no body was bothered. Please see the police force of any where in the world other than colonial state like us. Remove these classes from bureaucracy otherwise we are doomed.3. State Police should concentrate policing at state level only. For Central Police people should not be brought out on deputation. Otherwise you are weakening state police and creating conflict at central level. All the forces have their specialization and working culture. The deputationist only distorts the whole functioning and culture of these organizations. De-motivation and demoralized force is only by-product of this kind of deputation policy.4. If you fill that deputation to provides fresh thinking. You are wrong. All of them (Deputationist) are comes from same rut and only escaping from their respective states or organisation because of their own personal problem. None of them comes to these organization for positive developments. If then too if government feels they should be allowed to come on deputation, give them option to come and absorb after 2 years in these cadres rather enjoying the best of both the world for ever. Shifting for one organization to different organization is order of present day. Please stop this anarchy.5. Provide infrastructure support at all level. Providing cars like Honda City to senior officers does not serve any purpose. They are not fighting force. If you want to give, provide Bullet Proof, advanced weapons, modern investigating and fighting technology, proper housing, medical facility and insurance and other support to men on duty. 6. Improve training. Don’t allow sloth senior officers to go in training programs abroad. Allow only actual men who will work for these courses. For example check with Maharashtra Police force the person who has done Anti-Terrorist Courses abroad and where they are deployed. It will be an eye opening exercise if you will see the detail. Spend money for actual training. Don’t allow inefficient and unwilling persons in training. Don’t allow to philosophies the police training. It’s a functional requirement not an ideological or philosophical thing which senior officers sermonize. 7. See the background of all top police officers at Central level. Everyone has been on deputation for not less than 10 to 15 years. What they have contributed in actual policing, no one knows. But they are there because of sycophancy and political help.
My submission is long but at least I am happy that I am venting my anger to an extent. Its for specialized police job, not for a generalist like IPS. Dear Sir, You have the historical chance to set things right with all backing of nation. Get rid of them otherwise voters will get rid of you… forever…
A Man in inform.



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