In India 100 is synonymous with the Police but the irony is that public in India dread this very word, Its very presence must inspire confidence but it is contrary,In 1950 Justice AN Mullah called police as the "biggest organized goonda(goon)Force,Call100 is journey to empower citizens against the abuse power and corruption of Police.Indian Policing System has the exceptional assured career progression scheme for the criminal elements in Khaki uniform & we need to overhaul it.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Batla House Encounter at L-18 on 19 sept 2008 and death of democracy

I happened to attend the national convention on rise of fascist forces organized by Anhad in conjucnction with 90 other organizations from around the country with about 750 delegates. all that I heard really intimidated me ,the short cuts of the police in the name of encounters have very serious rammifications.
The police , the courts , the politicians every one has colluded with silent approval to exra judicial killings against the poor and all out in inflicting injustice upon them. it is the begining of the slow death of democracy in india.


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